Sustainability Statement

Battery Mineral Resources Limited aims to be a leading global supplier of battery minerals and metals for the renewable energy storage industry.

BMR will ethically source, supply and manage battery minerals so that the ensuing battery technology will enhance current and future generation’s needs for energy, transport, and specialised technologies. Furthermore, as part of BMR’s Sustainability Policy, the Company will actively and innovatively participate in the circular economy of the battery mineral value chain to ensure that the material requirements of society are met through recycling.

BMR’s activities will be financially profitable, technologically appropriate, environmentally sound and socially responsible. Consistent with these values BMR will:

  • Honour and uphold applicable legal requirements of our host countries, the BMR Sustainability Standards (based on the IFC’s Performance Standards), and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
  • Value trust, openness, integrity, respect and partnership when working with key stakeholders
  • Honour and respect local indigenous culture, heritage values and environment and provide a positive and lasting impact on local communities through training, employment, business and development partnerships, and conservation initiatives (adhering to ISO 37101)
  • Manage natural resources to minimise impact by responsibly controlling emissions to air, water and land; reuse and recycle materials where applicable; source renewable energy; and progressively rehabilitate disturbed land (adhering to ISO 14000)
  • Adopt a ‘zero harm objective’ for employee health and safety
  • Uphold ethical business practices and corporate governance standards as central to business planning and decision making

BMR is committed to managing its sustainability objective through industry best practice and applying systematic reviews and reporting according to international standards verified through internal and external auditing processes.

BMR’s Sustainability Policy outlines the Company’s approach to ensure minimum risk to the environment and key stakeholders and the desire to enhance environmental services and stakeholder welfare within the Company’s realm of influence.

BMR’s corporate performance is guided by strong engagement and working relationships with local communities and government, and compliance to national and international standards for environmental management. BMR is also committed to the renewable energy and battery storage sector and participates directly to promote remote community renewable energy self-sufficiency.