Strong partnerships and long-term thinking

We engage constructively with all of our stakeholders to develop mutually beneficial relationships based on transparency and trust. We adhere to safe and responsible business practices. 



BMR engages constructively with all of its stakeholders. We develop productive, ethical and transparent relationships with government agencies at all levels as well as our surrounding communities. As a Company we have a duty to our shareholders and communities to promote sustainable growth supported by safe, profitable and socially responsible business practices while developing long-term resources.

BMR actions involve:

  • Respectful social engagement at every phase of project development
  • Cooperative planning and stakeholder partnerships within projects
  • Skills training and employment for stakeholders giving equal value to all ages and gender
  • Understanding, respecting and protecting local culture and heritage values
  • Creating business opportunities that can sustain socio-economic wellbeing
  • Investing in energy enterprises that are innovative, creative, and self-sustaining
  • Zero harm in workplace health and safety