All of BMR’s operations are subject to environmental regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates. These laws address emissions into the air, discharges into water, management of waste and hazardous substances, protection of natural resources and reclamation of lands disturbed by mining operations. Environmental legislation continues to evolve in a manner that will require stricter standards and enforcement, increased fines and penalties for non-compliance, more stringent environmental assessments of proposed projects and a heightened degree of responsibility for companies.

BMR actions involve:

  • Stakeholder engagement around any planned project-related environmental change.
  • Stakeholder monitoring of company environmental management performance.
  • Preventing or minimising environmental change or damage and rehabilitation of any damage in a timely and fair manner.
  • Protection of environmental services (air, water, soil) through sound practices in natural resource management.
  • Investing in landscape and biodiversity conservation within the project work area.
  • Investing in renewable energy schemes to run projects as well as benefit local communities.
  • Maintain involvement in the battery technology business to ensure a circular economy through recycling.